Race you to Valhalla    UTube

Now let me tell of Norsca
Now let me state it clear
Our Gods they come and dine with us
The Asesir and Vanir
We serve them Curry and beer)

The Strength of the All Father
Our enemies we mock
We fight them and we strike them
And Then - "To Ragnarok!!"


And you bring the Mead!!
And you bring the Mead!!
I'll race you to Valhall
Race you to Valhalla
Race you to Valhalla
You bring the Mead!! (Rpt)

We've the strength of Odin
Our courage makes glaciers thaw
We have the wisdom of Yggdrasill,
We wield the Hammer of Thor!

We strike them and we fight them
We're Wolves we cannot fall
Cos I've my own Valkyrie
She's Up there!!! - On the shield Wall!!             


Once more into battle
We're Wolves we have no fear
We'll fight them like Magni and Modi
We'll strike them down like Tyr

We carved our names in Viper
We turned the swarm to dust
We'ss strike them and we'll fight them ...
Our battle cry ..VALLHALLA OR BUST !!!


(repeat until funny)


tune: Yma ar Hyd-  // words and arr vollsanger 

(c) iws 2008

Especially Written for Retribution 1106 (2006)

MP3 Version available here UTube

Guitar Chords: Em G Em (x3) | D B7 G | G D B7 Em | Em D B7 -
Chorus : Em D | Em G D B7 ..... Em







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