Raimos the Brave Privateer

Oh the sons of Algaia are brave men and  bold
And quite unaccustomed to fear
But the bravest and best who will serve the Goddess
Is Raimos the Brave Privateer

If you wanted one morn to rout all the Swarm
Or harass the foe from the rear
Storm fort or redoubt- you have only to shout
for Raimos the Brave Privateer

The ladies all swoon, be it eve, morn or noon
When he sweeps in with grace so sincere...
His Helmet upstanding, he stokes his great pipe
Does Raimos Debonair Privateer.

With his cap and its feather, he captains the Zephyr
And leads his crew showing no fear...
Who's that up in the rigging?? Oh its just that old Friggin..
Raimos the Brave Privateer

His armour was shiny, but his manhood was ... enormous
Enough to make common man leer
His garb it was dandy - Oh yes its that Randy
Old Raimos the Gay Privateer

When the Swarm was attacking, he asked for no backing
He'd enter the fray with a cheer
He's the first to begin it... He lasted a minute
Did Raimos the dumb Privateer

If you find my my ballad en-Hances this Paladin -
You won't be surprised if you hear
That my song it was sold - for a couple of Gold
To Raimos the Rich Privateer.

tune: Abdul the Bul Bul Amir -  // words and arr vollsanger  (c) iws 2005

Especially Commissioned by Captain Raimos for Renewal 1105






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