The Mild Ogre

I've been a mild ogre for many a year,
And I've spent all my money on books 'stead of beer.
Now the blood's running hot and the readings all through,
and I'll tell you my boys there's some killing to do.

'Cause its no, nay, never.
No nay never no more.
will I play the mild ogre,
no never, no more

I went to the Library with a fight on my mind,
and I told the librarian "I come 'bout these fines"
Her eyes they were bulging , she sounded quite choked.
well she bloody well would with a book down her throat.


I took out my ticket and lit it alight
And the Librarians eyes opened wide in sheer fright
I said "I have had it with you and your books
I'll make it without them - depend on me looks!!"


I'll go home to my cave now - and brag what I done
I burned all them book things and left only one
Not for the reading or some catalogue
I kept one for paper to use on the bog




tune: wild rover trad-  // inspired and first verses by Ven Draya.
completed and arranged by  vollsanger  (c) iws 2005





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